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The Zurich based indie rock pop band consists of 5 guys from 5 different countries (Austria, Chile, England, Germany, Turkey).

Known for their exhilarating and entertaining live performances, they are recognised as a musically balanced blend of Kings of Leon, Coldplay and Imagine Dragons.

Their music ranges from powerful stadium rock anthems to melancholic and fragile melodies. Different layers of guitars, vocals and synthesizers along with solid rhythms and grooves create an atmospheric sound that touches and moves the listener.

They have been voted Best New Talent by Swiss radio SRF3 and were the first Swiss band ever to be invited to BBC radio for a live session and interview. 



The Birthday Girls are:

Ercan Ucan (Guit)
Markus Deublein (Drums
Thomas Nussbaumer (Voc, Guit)
Will Hignett (Bass Guit)
Gabriel Ortiz (Guit)

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